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Naomi Riley – President / CFO / Founder / Speaker

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In 2017, Naomi Riley was your average mom of three, successful business owner, and parent volunteer in the Caledonia school system. She led a very busy life staying active with her kids and working.

In December 2017, her life came to a screeching halt. She was t-boned by a distracted driver. She suffered injuries that would heal over time, but two would stick with her for the rest of her life.

Naomi was diagnosed as having a traumatic brain injury after the accident. Nine months later, she would be diagnosed with conditions that would change her life forever. These conditions are occipital and trigeminal neuralgia, which painfully affect the back and one side of the skull.

Once treatments began, she learned how to adapt to her new normal. In 2018, she kept researching national statistics on distracted driving, as well as many other issues that were diminishing society.

“I remember crying and praying while sitting in the hospital bed, and asking for guidance that if anything could be done to help diminish these statistics, then to please guide me on the avenues to take.” — Naomi Riley

In late 2019, the Text Pledge project was formed. Naomi brought the program to many advisors and trusted individuals who thought it was a fantastic idea. At that time, the program focused much on the efforts to stop distracted driving. She spoke at one school event, and then Covid-19 happened. All of her efforts were put on hold.

It wasn’t until the pandemic that Naomi could see many big issues were deterring society. During that time the Text Pledge project was reformed, rebranded, and has become the first of its kind. A “10 in 1” Smart Pledge program.

The organization takes on ten of our nation’s biggest problems and provides national statistics, as well as emergency numbers for crisis situations. This becomes just another way to combat statistics.

Our pledges are designed for anyone over the age of 12, 16, and above 21.

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