Register Your Group For Text Pledge

Welcome to Text Pledge, a national nonprofit in Greater Grand Rapids, MI. We’re excited you’re here and want to register with us. By registering your group, you are helping us save lives by increasing awareness of some of the most common dangers we face in today’s world.

Here’s how to get started.

  1. Register Your Group with Text Pledge

    All groups can participate in Text Pledges programs. We encourage those groups with students over 12 years of age to take the pledges. Please register, and let us know how your group is using the program.

  2. Download Our Resources

    Want to help educate your community about the causes we support? Set your group up for success by downloading our “educator” online resources.

    Our downloadable resources include:

  3. Book a Speaker from Text Pledge

    We offer speaking presentations for West Michigan groups registered with Text Pledge. If you wish, you may request a specific topic covered under our ten pledges. Booking a speaker is a great way to increase interest in worthy causes, as well as boost pledges and donations to our nonprofit.

    Download Naomi Rileys Speaker Page Here

  4. Encourage Pledges and Donations

    We encourage groups to pledge and get involved, by making a difference in your own community. Let us know what you’re doing and how your making a difference in your community. Pledge and donate to help Text Pledge spread awareness in all communities nationally and internationally.

  5. Renew Annual Pledges

    Text Pledge asks that members renew their pledges once a year. We all know that reminding the brain is crucial to steer away from dangerous situations.

Have Questions? Contact Text Pledge Today!

Text Pledge is proud to be a nonprofit organization in Greater Grand Rapids, MI, serving communities across the country. To learn more about our mission and how to get involved, please fill out our online contact form and someone from our team will reach out to you soon.