Teacher Resources For Text Pledge

Our Educator resources have been designed for your classroom with care. Each grade level has various ways for students to identify dangers of the pledges that Text Pledge stands for. Please download these free resources to implement in your classroom today. If you would like the printed materials delivered to your classroom, please email or contact us for shipping details.

Hello Educators!

First off, we all know that work as an educator is never done. The importance of stressing core values and reaching out to kids can never be enough. We hope this site will give you another resource to share with your students about various causes. Knowing that high school and junior high are some of the hardest years a student can go through, it is our mission to make sure students know help is always available.

The best thing a student can do to help a troubled individual is to notify the correct counselors. The 10 pledges listed on our website are designed to help anyone make the right connections and point them to the correct place.

All of our awareness pages are very serious and should be considered that way. If you or a student feels that another’s life is in danger and needs immediate help, please always contact the correct help.

Grades K-1

Emphasis: Learning about the Text Pledge project and all that is offered through our resources.

Our K-1 resources show children how to identify distracted drivers through activities that involve coloring and identifying letters. Once children understand that driving with a device in hand is dangerous, they can help remind adults to put the phone away or give it to a trusted person in the car. We encourage kids to speak up!

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Grades 2-4

Emphasis: Learning about the Text Pledge project, all of the resources available as well as adding in protecting ourselves and others from Acts of Violence.

By this age, most students have been introduced to tablets, computers, and/or smartphones. While they may not have their own yet, they may have a certain amount of screen time each day. Our goal is to help children better understand how technology affects their lives and society as a whole.

Our learning materials will help children in this age group recognize and understand the dangers of distracted driving. We’ll also provide an overview of social media safety and teach students how to recognize cyberbullying and toxic “friends.”

Text Pledge raises the bar with this group and guides them to understand key phrases to watch out for with their peers as part of mental health awareness. Teaching the importance of kindness and empathy is crucial at this age.

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Grades 5-6

Emphasis: Learning about the Text Pledge project, all of the resources available. Digging a little deeper on how we can work together.

Fifth and sixth grade students are learning how to become future leaders. For this reason, we use resources from various authors and accident victims. While our main focus is on texting and driving, we incorporate social media responsibility, cyber bullying, and signs of mental health distress. At the fifth and sixth grade level, we also introduce students to statistics so they can better understand how social issues affect their local communities.

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Grades 7-8

Emphasis: Learning about the Text Pledge project, all of the resources available. Digging even deeper on how we can work together.

Emotions change so much with this age group, and Text Pledge wants to make sure that students are taking deep breaths and thinking before they react or post something on social media.

The middle school years can be so hard for many students. For this reason, Text Pledge goes the extra mile to show how our words affect others and why being responsible on social media is important. We also go into detail about the dangers of texting and driving, which cannot be emphasized enough with this age group.

Our goal is to raise awareness about the above mentioned issues and direct students to the right emergency resources.

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Grades 9-12

Emphasis: Learning about the Text Pledge project, all of the resources available. Digging really deep on how we can work together and make a difference.

Many students at this age have gone through driver’s training and have been driving for some time. Most high school students are new drivers. It’s important to us that these drivers understand the harsh implications that can happen when being distracted on the road.

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